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Easy as 1-2-3

Getting the right dental care for your child should be simple. We care about parents too :).

Sprout Membership Plan

We have a solution that allows your child to receive affordable and hassle-free dental care without insurance.  Our unique “Sprout Membership Plan” provides comprehensive annual care solutions designed to help maintain oral health for your child.

*Coverage begins upon receipt of completed and signed contract with annual payment made in full.  Membership extends for one year for each individual child from the date of receipt.  


**Membership fee is non-refundable and non-transferrable


Any patient without dental insurance is eligible to join. There is no waiting period, no annual deductible to meet, and no pre-existing dental conditions that will prevent membership. To become active, patient account must have a zero balance.  Membership fee must be paid in full and is due annually to remain active.*


Annual Membership Fee

It's only $345/year.**



  • 2 pediatric dental hygiene visits which includes: 

    • 2 examinations,

    • 2 cleaning,

    • 2 fluoride treatments,

    • Any necessary X-rays

  • 2 emergency examinations and

  • 20 ~ 40% discount on additional treatment and services (excludes orthodontic services).

  • Oral health education

  • Nutritional counseling

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